First Post

This is my first post.  I’m not sure exactly what to write about but I figure, what the heck, try anyway.  I know once I click “publish” my words go live on the net.  Gee, that’s a lot of pressure.  What if I say something stupid or boring?  Who is going to want to read it?  Those self-defeating questions pushed aside, I think maybe a good Q&A is an okay way to get started so I’ll take that ball and run with it.

Q.  What is my favorite breakfast, favorite lunch and favorite dinner?

A.  Breakfast: English muffin topped with strawberry preserves, cup of yogurt with granola mixed in, and a glass of orange juice.  Lunch: Tuna salad on whole wheat bread, a cup of applesauce and a can V-8 juice.  Dinner: Cheese and onion enchiladas smothered in pork green chile, spanish rice, refried beans and sopapillas with a soda to drink.

Q.  What’s my favorite TV show?

A.  I have a few.  I like The Dead Files on the travel channel.  I like Criminal Minds.  I also like all of the sitcoms they play on the Disney Channel.  Those are the best because I can enjoy them with my children without fear, or my sudden uncomfortable silence due to adult subject matters such as sexual situations and/or drug abuse.

Q.  What is my favorite color?

A.  Blue, it is the divine color of healing and serenity.

Q.  What is one of my bad habits I would like to change?

A.  Biting my nails.  I’ve been successful at stopping for a few months at a time but the nasty deed is damn hard to break .  When I start feeling stressed my nails are the first thing I attack.

Q.  What social activities do I participate in?

A.  I enjoy playing BINGO at the American Legion Hall in town.  My community gardening time is wonderful relaxation too.  I take turns hosting after school activities for neighborhood kids, usually involving sports or arts and crafts projects.  I’m also in a photography group that meet once a week to gab about the things we’ve shot or share ideas about what to shoot for the next week.

Q.  Alive or deceased, who would I invite to a dinner party?

A.  Assuming my friends and family are already there… I would invite Robin Williams, Betty White, Sandra Bullock, Dustin Hoffman, Buddy Holly, the four sisters from Charmed,  and last but not least.. I’d invite Jesus(I have so many questions for that guy!)

Q.  If I could live anywhere in the world where would I live and why?

A.  In the mountains because I love the smell of the trees, and somewhere with all four seasons to help me stay in balance with nature’s rhythms.

So there you have it.  My first post!  I hope it wasn’t stupid or boring to you.

Have a great day or night, wherever you are in the world.

-The Peridot Pixie

4 thoughts on “First Post

  1. It was great peridotpixie! I’m new too and I know how unnerving it is to put up your first post. Some advice, just let it flow!

    Good luck on your writing endeavors!



    • XoPinkBellaxo,
      Thanks.. I enjoyed reading your first post too. What an adventure we are embarking on! May you have lots of happy followers and write till your heart’s content many, many, years into the future 🙂


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