Thank Goodnesss A New Week Is Coming

Whew!  I can’t believe I made it through the last week without losing my mind.  It felt like the longest week in history, probably only to me though.  My husband put $ down on a new car.  Yay!!!  Next week we finish paying it off and get to bring it home.  I’m so excited.  AND it’s a standard so my kids will learn how to drive a stick shift when they learn to drive.  (a skill I never mastered) Thank goodness that little milestone is still a few years off.  I’m not ready for them to be that grown-up yet.  The best part is the gas we will save.  We’ve been driving a big van for the last 5 years or so and it’s become quite expensive to keep it on the road.  The new car is diesel but my husband says it’ll still be cheaper.  I look forward to that.

The week went on to be a bit more difficult.  A friendship I have had for two years with a lady down the street ended this week.  That was sad.  I don’t hate her or anything but I do wish she hadn’t misjudged me like she did.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a money motivated person.  My husband, he’s a money motivated person.  If you tell him that there’s a suitcase with a million dollars in it at the bottom of a shark filled pool, he’d find a way to get it, even if a shark bit him in the process.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, (it keeps our bills paid well)  but it’s not me.  My friend accused me of trying to over charge her for a curling iron I bought for her (she asked me to get it)at the store.  I told her it was 25 bucks and I was estimating because I had bought other things and the receipt said $22.50 but the tax was on everything I had purchased not just her curling iron.  So when I went to collect the money from her for it I told her 25.  She paid me the 25, she waited a few days and then flipped out on me.  She yelled at me that I wasn’t her friend because I tried to make money off of her.  Did I mention that it’s 35 miles to the store and I get 9 miles to the gallon in the van?  Irregardless, she sold out our friendship for two dollars and fifty cents.  I think we’re not as matched as friends as I thought we were because that’s not like me.  I would never yell at someone over $2.50.

Then on Wednesday my older daughter came home after throwing up at school.  She was fine after she got sick but the school sent her home nonetheless.  This made her sad because they have a contest students can enter if they have perfect attendance.  I agree with the contest because it helps get the kids to miss less school but there is no allowance for truly sick kids, if you miss or are tardy, you can’t enter(this is per semester).  Last year she won a nice Schwinn bicycle so she isn’t too heart-broken because she already won last year’s contest but still she was disappointed and I was a bit angry that they don’t allow exceptions for illnesses that are unavoidable.  I think that policy ought to be changed.

Then came Thursday.  Doctor day.  I have had some on-going medical problems that sent me to the doc (2wks ago)and then to the emergency room (last wknd) and then back to the doc on Thursday.  End result, ..pain meds, more pain meds, injections of medicine for pain and a diagnosis I disagreed with greatly. I was so discouraged.  I’ve been down the pain meds road before.  I had such a bad addiction that I almost lost everything.  This news about prescriptions rightfully upset my husband.  Yet there is hope on the horizon.  My doctor is new to me.  Usually that is not a good thing but God turned this around to work in my favor.  He put a care in the heart of this doctor and rather than spend the restricted 15 minutes with me she spent almost an hour and listened to all my concerns.  End result?  She took me seriously about what I think is wrong and is now ordering the tests I need to confirm or rule-out my ideas.

So with all these mountains turned mole hills out of my way…a new week is coming…I wonder what it’ll bring.  Things I know..the community garden is closed for the season, the groups of kids coming over to play all day are thinning out and I have more time to invest in a new camera I got for my birthday…forget about the pain; get lost in the lenses I have to play with, and enjoy the last of the nice weather before the cold comes in for the season.  All sounds good to me 😉

I hope we all have a great week!

The Peridot Pixie

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