Meet My Furry Friends

This is Puppycat.

 Leashed Kitty (679x1024)

He’s about 2 years old.  My daughter loves teaching him to walk on a leash. We got him when he was about six months old.  He was raised by The Late Great Pugdaddy, Sir Chachi, so he’s a bit confused because he truly sees himself as a dog.  He plays fetch, comes when he’s called, greets people at the door… just like a dog.  I think if he keeps it up he might even learn to bark.  He also has a little sister.  Miss. Ink Spot is a sweet mannered, calm, quiet, kitty.

Puppycat was in need of someone he could get ruff with.

Enter the best dog ever…

Unleashed Puppy (1024x820)

That would be Mr. Mocha Macchiato Murphy Dog.

Puppycat loves his brother from another mother.


Well, it’s time again for me to sign off. 😉

Have a wonderful night or day, where ever you are.

The Peridot Pixie

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