Meet the Feet of my “Photo Club”

It’s a photo/gardening/pet/ladies club.  I call it photo club for short.

PhotoClub (800x532)

We meet and mingle in different times and places with some of us and sometimes all of us.  We have a variety of ages ranging from 26 to 60.

Fun Exchange (800x617)

We have two household administrators, one successfully self-employed, one not for profit volunteer and a Jill-of-all-trades.  Four of us have children and one adopted cats instead.  One is a widow, three have cell phones that can’t be ignored if it’s the husband calling and one has a great boyfriend of many years.

Hand made beaded skirt

Hand made beaded skirt

A few have come and gone from the club but this is our core, our constant member list.  We are really just a group of women living life arm in arm, helping each other through the worst of times and celebrating the best of times, together, like family.


speaking of family…

This is our new family car!

This is our new family car!

It’s been a crazy week full of crazy stuff.  More tests at the doc’s office with more to come soon.  This process is frustrating.  I want to know what’s wrong today, right now.  I have to wait.  Waiting for this test and that result is getting on my last nerve.  Earlier this week I was dwelling on things and got myself all worked up over what’s probably going to turn out to be nothing to worry about.  I cried for hours as I allowed myself to think about the possibility that I could be dying and gone in less than six months.  I wont get to see my daughters grow up.  I’ll never get to hold my grandchildren.  My husband will be alone and have to raise the kids without their mother, his wife.  It depressed me deeply.  Eventually I snapped out of it by forcing myself to focus on my faith.  It posed some good points for me to start paying attention to though.  I might not have the time I thought I did to put off till tomorrow like I’m fond of doing.  “Seize the day” needs to be more important to me than it was before.  Last spring I caught pneumonia and almost died.  I was pretty shook up when that happened but I didn’t really take seriously the length of my remaining days.  I’m still relatively young.  I don’t need to worry yet.  I think I could be fooling myself.  Maybe I have another 40-50 years in me, who knows, but maybe I should get started on that bucket list just in case.

Do you have a bucket list?  If so, what made you decide to make one?  Have you done any of the things on it yet?

Well, thanks for visiting and reading.  It’s late (or early if you’d rather) almost 2:30 am.  The kids have school so I’ll be up in a few hours to get them out the door.  I better go get some shut-eye for a bit while I can.

Have a good day or night wherever you are.

-The Peridot Pixie


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