Good Friends Good Music

My blogging PinkBella friend is 23 now.  Her birthday was last Saturday so if you get a chance, show some ❤ an’ please go visit her site to wish her a happy belated b-day.

I know…another mid-week post, gasp.

I can’t stop myself today.  I got the results of my blood work back yesterday.  Extremely high levels of iron were found.  My doctor told me to stop taking any vitamins with extra iron and I chuckled to her that I don’t ever take any vitamins.  I’m bad about that which in this case turned out to work in my favor.  Everything else was good in my blood.  That’s good news I think because if I were facing cancer wouldn’t it show up in my blood work?  I looked up “Iron Overload” on-line last night and from what I learned it might be a genetic issue.  It’s still only a piece of the puzzle though.  I go in for my X-ray and ultrasound next Monday.  I would have had an MRI but my insurance wont pay for it unless I’ve already had the X-ray first.  Does anyone know what the X in X-ray stands for, just curious 😉

I’ve been staying sane.  Not alone though.  If not for that group of friends I introduced in my last post I might not’ve been so fortunate in my sanity.  It’s for sure my family would have been insane by now. hahaha

I found a new artist on YouTube that I’m practically obsessed with.  My girls love him.  Even some of the neighborhood kids come over before school to listen.  Who is this captor of the children’s Sponge Bob warped brains?  Well, the blogging world probably already knows him because he did a tribute to mom bloggers in a fundraising video for that group of girls that got national attention when they were kidnapped (still not released yet by the way so keep praying for that).  He is, Alex Boye, with a little squiggle above the e.  I discovered his channel while I was surfing through “Let it go” videos.  I saw the word “Africanized” and thought ‘what does that mean?’.  I quickly understood once I watched a few covers he’d done in his “Africanized” way. OMgosh!!!  His voice, his energy, his presence is fan-freaking-tastic!

If my girls are ready on time we listen to his song “Lemonade” and then his version of “Happy” and if there’s still time we squeeze in “Smiles for life” or “Merci Bon Dieu”(is that french? anyone know what it says/means?)  I think that means Thank you God like one of his fan comments suggested.  Then the kids leave for the bus and toddle off with happy singing and dancing down the street on their way.  I play it loud!  The neighbor kids heard it one day while walking by.  They had to stop in so they could listen too. (all the kids tend to flock together so it’s not unusual for all or a few of them to visit before and after school.)  I wonder how long it will be until I have twenty kids from the neighborhood in my living room all singing Alex Boye music before they go off to school. ❤

So that’s the squeal today.  Just had to.. ya know?

Have a great day or night wherever you are and don’t forget.. visit my Bella friend and wish her a happy 23rd.

-The Peridot Pixie

2 thoughts on “Good Friends Good Music

    • You’re welcome! I’m sorry I missed your actual b-day, my weekends get kinda crazy here sometimes. What do you mean by a featured piece on your blog? I’m not sure if know how that all works. I did it once on an old blog a long time ago but they have changed things here on word press a lot. What kind of featured piece do you have in mind? get back to me in email: Thanks 😉

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