Photo 101 Day 3: Water

I can’t even begin to explain to you the kinda day I’ve had but I must tell you I can’t believe the shots I got because I threw my fears aside and went for the shoot.   Well, I was just going to post some boring photos of my cat’s water dish.  I was even getting ready to put the post together when a neighbor knocked on the door and told me there was a fire over by the school. I grabbed my camera and headed over to shoot the scene to the end, If I was allow to.

I drove over with a friend so I didn’t have to shoot and drive.(not so cool to do that, totally unsafe).  When we got there the fire trucks and cops were already set up…but no press.  I’m not the press, I’m Miss. Nobody and yet they asked no questions as I began to take my shots.  The spectators let me shoot, the cops let me shoot, the fire department let me shoot.  I told my husband I felt as if Moses parted the Red Sea for me.  Nobody bothered me at all.

Half way through my session with fate I realized I was staring my challenge right in the face…Water

Firefighters in action (1280x998)

Here are some other photos from today.

Fire (1280x851)

Growing Fire (1280x851)

Up The Chimney (1280x851)

Coming Closer (1280x851)

What a day.  I forgot the tip today but I remembered yesterday’s and that helped.  I submitted some of my photos to the local paper so I might even get published over this (if so cross that off the bucket list)…No one was killed or hurt in the fire either.  Thank God.  Someone did lose their entire home.

So today wherever you are, cherish Home, it could be gone in the blink of an eye.

8 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day 3: Water

    • Yes, Very Sad for the family. When I first arrived I took a picture of a girl running toward the house from down the block, the look on her face was one of panic and grief. Her pain got to me.
      Thanks for the Bravo. Fire is one of my biggest fears so I was like a moth to a flame and scared outta my mind all at the same time. Weird but incredible too.


  1. I understand that two dogs perished in the fire…not sure about injuries to homeowners..they did however have the Altura Fire Dept paramedics there…and for this area thats serious….Give me a call if you have another exclusive for our area…I will be more than happy to get you there…


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