Photo101: Landmark

Oh how this one challenged me.  First, I did not wish to go out in the sub freezing temperatures for any reason today, let alone lay on the ground to experiment with POV.  I never did lay on the ground but I overcame because I love being a part of this challenge for Photo101, so I bundled up.  In turn, this became a Landmark Moment in the story of My Life.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

I am thinking of messing around with black and white photos later..heheh(yes, I know it’s badly blurred…that’s because I’m not very good at indoor shots yet and the shutter stayed open too long for me to stay still for.)

As God would have it, I had to bundle up three separate times to get the shot I needed.  I couldn’t stand in the cold air too long because my fingers went numb quickly so I had to do it in short bursts.*  I went out and took a series of shots that were too blurry because I was trembling cold.  I went back in and put more layers on and went back out.  I shot another series and came back in only to discover that they were all foggy, as if I had left my breath on the lens?  So I trudged out one more time, snapping one last series.  By then the sun had warmed the air up just enough to give me a steady hand. ( I found gloves too!)  In that final try I got this shot…

Town Gas Station

Town Gas Station

If you are interested, I used a picture of the front of the store in my last post about Bliss.

      I love the little bit of green lingering in the wheat field that corners the bottom left of the picture.  I was thankful for the good timing of the trucker checking under his hood because it shows the traffic we get from miles around.  The gas station has been a meeting place for many.  It’s where the teenagers go on lunch break from school to get candy and pop.  It’s where the stranded wait for rides to the next town.  It’s the earliest open place in my community so that makes it a favorite of the sunrise commuters in need of coffee.  The owner, a great guy who works the Friday morning shift, makes sure that last drive in for the week starts off with a friendly hello.  When you move to this town its the first place you know how to find.

Okay, I’m headed to my reader now**, have a great rest of the day or night…wherever you are.

The Peridot Pixie

*I really need to get more comfortable with my camera so I can get quicker at taking the shots I want.

**  Hey WP cool new tab for my reader!  I love the little newspaper icon with the handy-dandy drop down.  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Photo101: Landmark

  1. The Arctic blast is heading our way starting tomorrow. I can’t say I’m excited about it :/
    You’re right – at the beginning of the season, we don’t know yet how to dress for the temperature. I’m sure I have a couple of chilly days ahead of me before I get it right!

    Seems wrong to have a dusting of snow on the ground when there are still leaves on the trees 🙂


    • After 35 years of living here, nothing surprises me about the weather in Colorado! It does seem strange to hear the words “Arctic Blast” though. I thought we were far enough south to escape those things. I think the weather is going to get much stranger before it levels back out in the next decade. A mini ice age is coming..or at least that’s how it feels with these record breaking cold snaps. Stay warm as best you can and be careful if you’re driving around. Make sure you have a survival kit in your car. I have a feeling we may hear about people stuck in their vehicles with no one to rescue them.


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