Photo101: The Natural World

The natural world around me is a frozen tundra right now.  A slow defrost will ensue throughout today, only to freeze again tonight.  Now I know what it would feel like if I moved into the chest freezer?  School is cancelled.  The kids are wide awake when usually they are fighting me to stay asleep for five more minutes, as if they know, the natural world conspired to grant them a day off.  I was late on this theme but I guess better late than never.

I chose two different interpretations for the natural world, ‘Inside and Out’.

Nature is within us as much as it’s outside.  A wonderful dirt farmer I know gave me some beautiful gourds lasts Sunday.  They grow wild and unattended from his industrial composting pile.  If they aren’t gourds, if you know what they are, let me know in the comments.  We cut one open to see how they looked inside and taste them.  Yuck!  They were so bitter it was gag worthy!  My friend told me these are the kind you let dry up and then they make neat rattles from the seeds trapped inside.

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The Outside is as bitter cold as the gourd was bitter tasting.  Yesterday I practiced taking time lapse photos with the snow.  (that’s why I’m late making this post, I took too much time shooting)  The time lapse didn’t go so well, not enough snow.  Starting at 8 a.m., I went out every two hours and took the same five shots each time.  My original idea was good but it just didn’t come out like I desired.  I am posting the best of those shots.

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Too many pics and maybe too many words, this post was impossible to pick just one photo for.  The Natural World could have its own month of posts.  I’m going to my reader now.  Stay warm on this blustery cold day or night, wherever you are.

The Peridot Pixie

2 thoughts on “Photo101: The Natural World

  1. Brrr….I’m glad today’s theme is Warmth now I’ve looked at these! Mind you, this looks a sight prettier than the miserable, drizzly, windy greyness that we are currently experiencing! The gourds are great too. I’ve never seen any like that before.


    • Thanks! You made me laugh! Stay warm in thought if nothing else? I too am very glad that today’s challenge is Warmth, though I’m finding it tricky to capture that in my present surroundings outside. We may have to find our shot indoors today.
      As for the gourds, they are truly wild. I had to photograph them because I say same as you.

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