Playing ‘Hot or Cold’ with Warmth

These Photography 101 challenges seem to be getting harder and harder.  I usually love the ‘light through the subject’ shots.  I usually have an easy time finding that perfect ray of sunshine that exudes “warmth”.  Usually… not so much today.  Today I got cold shots that showed cool colors.  The sun came out and I tried my best but I had fickle surroundings that gave up nothing I liked.

I found a neighbor chopping wood to heat their house.

Wood means warmth to many people.

Wood means warmth to many people.

At about noon the clouds finally let the sun have a turn in the sky.  It was as close to warmth as I saw today.  However, the feeling of warmth that photo 101 wanted was not in this picture in my opinion.  The lighting angles were missing and the warm hues were absent too.

The warm sky is a welcome distraction from the cold ground.

The sunny sky is a welcome distraction from the cold earth.

I dug into my archives and not too far back was a picture I think has the coloring of warmth, however the light is not front nor is it side.  Does a back lit subject have the same feeling of warmth as a side or front lit one?

First Fall (1280x851)

I need to practice this method of lighting more so I can understand it better.

I hope you have a wonderfully warm rest of the day or night, wherever you are.

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5 thoughts on “Playing ‘Hot or Cold’ with Warmth

  1. The wood for sure says warm in my house at least. We heat with a wood stove. My warm photo and your wood warm photo could go side by side. There is plenty of sunshine today, yesterday was nothing but gray skies. Mystery? Oh my now I am stumped.

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