A Return to Photo101

I have had quite the weird week here.  Monday was crazy busy.  Tuesday I started out fine, playing catch-up with Photography 101 but I wasn’t that far behind.  Then Tuesday afternoon I went out to do some shooting and got very sick.  By Tuesday night I was doubled up on the couch praying for help, a divine intervention.  While in recovery from the stomach flu I decided to mess around on Facebook. Soon I was in contact with family members I thought I’d lost forever.  It had been almost 20 years.  I was feeling fine by Wednesday night, however as much as I love photography, WordPress and blogging, as much as I wanted to honor my commitment to the 101 course, I was captivated by my reunion.  This is why I’ve been gone, but I’m back, and I have some photos to share.

The challenge for Tuesday was Architecture…that will have to wait till this weekend when I can travel a bit.  All we have out here on the plains are flat roofed buildings that resemble government institutions and some mobile homes, not very structurally intriguing.

Wednesday’s challenge was Movement.

I told her, "Don't you dare throw that dirt at me!"  so she looked at me and threw the dirt up in the air...not at me.

I told her, “Don’t throw that dirt at me!”  She looked at me and threw the dirt up in the air…not at me.

Such a face eh?  Gotta love her though, she’s just like me.

My next challenge is from yesterday, Swarm.  I have two of these shots, one for the squeamish and one for the strong.

For the squeamish…the safe one first.

A swarm of color in the sky.

A swarm of color in the sky.

And for the strong…or fans of entomology (does that include these guys?)

Hungry little catapillars

Hungry little caterpillars

 Today’s challenge is Landscape.  That’s my favorite style of photography besides macro.  Every storm season I listen to the weather radio and watch the skies, waiting for the perfect time to go.  I ride the edge of the supercells, my heart racing, adrenaline pumping, cheering for violence in the skies to choke the earth with its destructive hail and winds.  It’s the only kind of violence I tolerate in my life.  I thrive on it.  It makes me feel alive.

Minutes  later the fun was over for my camera and I.

Minutes later the fun was over for my camera and I.

Ok, so there are my entries for Photo101 for this week.  Next week I will really try to stay on top of the challenges and daily postings.  Have a great weekend, wherever you are.

The Peridot Pixie

6 thoughts on “A Return to Photo101

  1. Glad you are feeling better … and I know how you feel about rediscovering family. I had a similar experience last year. How wonderful for you!!

    I love your photos … the cloud formation is amazing – and more than a little scary!! … but your daughter’s face in the first picture is priceless. I’ve seen a similar expression from my oldest son when he wasn’t impressed with me 🙂


    • Thank you, the flu was short lived…hopefully the reunion will last a lifetime, or be turned into a movie for Lifetime?Lol!
      That wall cloud went from east to west in a line as far as my eye could see both ways! It was a blast watching it come in.
      After that look from your son, do you laugh too? I can’t help it. So sassy yet too cute to be mad at. 🙂


  2. I’m catching up on the assignments too this week. 🙂
    The pictures are great, I especially like the one with the rainbows and the landscape. The sky is just amazing!


    • Funny how the week can get away from us when we get caught up in one thing or another. Rainbows were frequent that summer, but the double rainbows only happened a couple of times. I’m thankful I have this shot to share. I had just gotten my first digital camera when I took it. 🙂


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