My Medical Update

Hello Everybody,

Denver Dumb Friends League

Denver Dumb Friends League

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Christmas is coming soon so I’m sure at least a few of you braved the traffic and the crowds to find the deals and get the perfect gifts for your loved ones.  I went to town this weekend too.  A friend had some kittens to deliver to the Dumb Friends League.  That’s one of the shelters here in Colorado that re-homes the animal rather than kill it, in almost 99.9% of the cases. (don’t quote me on that statistic)  This was heartbreaking for her so I went along for moral support.  We turned the day into a wonderful adventure for my photography.  This seemed to ease her woes about the kittens.

Exam Room (1280x851)I went to the Doc again last Thursday.  We have now arrived at the point where we are looking at two different diagnosis…MS or Parkinson’s. * I have a sleep and a swallow study I have to go through as well as an MRI that I have scheduled for tomorrow.  The sleep study place told me today that they don’t give the kind of study my doc ordered to new patients if they’ve never had a study done before.  That’s frustrating on both sides isn’t it?  So there is some squabbling going on behind the scenes that they need to get fixed first.  To top it off the sleep study place is “overwhelmed with patients right now” is what the lady told me…too busy for me?  I am not happy with the way our medical care in this country is being run.  I’ve learned to be thankful for the bit I do get though, without that, …I’d be in a lot more pain and have no clue why.  I must say though, I didn’t know Parkinson’s or MS for that matter were painful diseases.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years back, maybe that is the source of the pain today.

So anyway,  That’s where it’s all headed…after three months of Docs and tests and meds, I have Hemochromatosis, Celiac’s, ‘most likely benign” tumors and now possibly MS or Early Onset Parkinson’s…I think…  I am amazed at myself that I function as well as I do.  I am dying.  We are all dying and at some point most of us reach a part of life where we don’t do the things we used to or need to because we can’t anymore.  I fell getting out of bed today.  My leg didn’t want to hold me up until about two hours after I woke up.  I fell again trying to get my pants on.  I’m sitting now, not taking any more chances.  However, I need to go to the store and get my meds.  How do people do this?  How do people live like this?  Sorry…I’m venting.  I just don’t understand and I’m trying to understand and I feel like I’m failing.

I should go before I spew more venti stuff.  Thanks for reading along today.  Some of you may feel like commenting but don’t know what to say…it’s okay, neither do I.  What I want you, the reader, to take away from my post today is that your health is important.  If I have MS or Parkinson’s I may still have a shot at a good quality of life for many more years because I decided to explore my symptoms now rather than later.  If you think there’s something wrong with your health, see your Doc, don’t wait.  Waiting could leave you only a little while to get your affairs in order.  Getting things checked out now could give you life for much longer than a little while.

Hang in there my friends, wherever you are, I’m so thankful for you. ❤

The Peridot Pixie

* no word yet on my referrals for my two biopsies the Doc ordered a month ago.

10 thoughts on “My Medical Update

  1. Hello Pixie, I cannot ‘like’ your post, but it’s also not easy to leave a comment. I feel that I can only send you positive thoughts, and wish you strength in dealing with your health.
    Take care, gfchopstix


    • Thank you, gf. I will face this with my head up. I may be able to find better health with better diet now that I know about that part of the problem. It’ll be okay I think, I’ll find a way to make the best of it..I always do. Thank you for your positive thoughts and well wishes.

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  2. Pixie – my *like* is for empathy only. I’m not familiar enough with either MS or Parkinsons to know what you are going through, except that this must be a very stressful and frustrating time for you.
    I can only hope that your results are the best case scenario and that whatever is causing the pain is identified and resolved soon!

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