Good-Bye 2014 An Open Letter


Dear 2014,

Wow!  What a wonder you have been.  What a treasure you’ve been to experience.  I learned more about myself in you than in any other time.  I grew so much that, now, I hardly recognize the self I used to be.  I learned about friendship and sharing from the new souls you brought to my life.  You gave me back long thought lost family.  Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, Children, Grandchildren, people who once said they loved me, gone for what I thought and felt was forever… you reconnected them to my life and blessed me abundantly.  My health was your number one concern and you’ve done so much to restore me.  You showed me so many who lost their life..people I admired, some, I even adored.  You were with me in my grief, healing my heart as we went along together.  More 20 somethings will come but none will be so character shaping.. mind-blowing.. age defining, as you.  Thank you for the breath-taking views from the peaks, they sustained my spirit in the valleys bellow.  You were with me for every second, every minute knowing what was next… failing to abandon me through it all.  I wont ever be the same because of you and I say thanks for it all, you are so precious to me.

Good-Bye 2014…wherever you went.

The Peridot Pixie 

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