New Year New Blogging Challenges

Hi-di-ho Fellow Bloggers,

How’s your 2015 been so far?

The Daily Post is again offering their sister course to Photography 101, Blogging 101, so I decided to apply.  They accepted my request YAY!!!!  Thanks Daily Post, you guys rock!  It starts today.  The first assignment is to make an introductory post, who I am, why I blog, that sort of stuff.  Let’s see… what can I tell you about myself?The Peridot Pixie (1280x960)

I am middle-aged.  I enjoy photography and would love to make a living from it but I’m happy with it just being a hobby.  On my Facebook page it says that I work for “stay at home mamma and wiffy”.  It’s a wonderful company!  I’ve had some semi-serious health issues that I choose to blog about because it helps me when I find bloggers that share the same struggles.  I value humor and love above all else.  I enjoy talking to other people who share similar interests to my own.  I’m running out of things to say here that don’t sound like a corny personal ad.

Five goals I’d like to achieve by joining Blogging 101:

  1. Learn how to compose better posts.
  2. Learn to use the widgets and other features offered by WordPress.
  3. Learn how to change and tweak my layout or theme to look more attractive.
  4. Learn how to build a more engaged community on my blog.
  5. Find some cool new blogs I’d like to follow.

There ya have it, Folks, my first submission to Blogging 101.

I hope you’re ready for the new adventures of 2015…wherever you are.

The Peridot Pixie


6 thoughts on “New Year New Blogging Challenges

    • hehe…I’m there now checking it out…too cool!!! I know it’s going to be fun, the hosts at the Daily Post are great at this sort of thing so we could not be in more capable hands. 🙂

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