New Header New Tagline

Greeley Guest House (1280x841)You will begin to see some changes going on here at the Peridot Pixie.  The first of these changes started today.  This is my new header image. I added my site name and a tagline to the header as well.

Part of blogging 101’s post, “Say Your Name”, talked about evaluating the site name I registered with, deciding whether or not it describes my blog well and if I’d like to change it, how I can do that easily.  I really like my site name, my URL they call it.  I think it describes me well enough.  I’m an August child which is why I put “Peridot” in there, that’s the birthstone for August.  Did you also know that Peridot is not an earthly gem?  It arrived here from meteors that pummeled the earth millions of years ago.  I chose “Pixie” for a few reasons.  First, I like them.  Second, an inner voice could be imagined as a small pixie or fairy.  This blog is my way of dialoguing with that inner voice?…I wonder if that made sense or if I just made myself sound crazy….well, I’m leaving it there, it’s accurate.  😉

My tagline was a bit harder to devise.  When I opened this place I chose not to use a site title because it covered up the subject of my header photo so I didn’t need to create a tagline.  Thank goodness because I couldn’t come up with a good one then anyway.  One of the suggestions from the assignment today was to make a list of the things that described my blog and use those words to create a tagline.  I did a slight variation of that.  I wrote down the gist of what I wanted from my tagline, how I wanted it to depict the general content of my site.  I had things like, Exploring the Magical World of Communication, or Revealing the Hidden Magic of a Mundane World.  I didn’t like those at all but I just kept reworking the words and finally I came up with “the Inner Sparkle of a Mundane Mind”.  I like that.  I think it will help keep me focused on the positives and dwell less on the negatives of life.

Well, my first day at Blogging U was a successful one.  In the end I found a great new photo for my header (you might have seen it before on my photography site The Peridot Pixie Photography Blog ).  I created a cool tagline.  I’ve met some really nice new people with fantastic blogs to follow!  And now, I’m off to discover what others have said about their names.

Have a lovely rest of the day or night wherever you are.


2 thoughts on “New Header New Tagline

    • If it hadn’t been outdoors I would agree about the perfect reading spot, but in Northern Colorado in December I wouldn’t recommend it with out an electric blanket. This is the Greeley Guest House in Greeley, Colorado. We couldn’t smoke in our room but they gave us this nice little spot out of the elements a few feet from out door.

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