Blogging 101: Your Dream Reader

Haiku by Pixie

Sleep Study 1.2.15 (851x1280)She knew not their names

But they visited each day

This made her heart smile


Nothing makes you fat

Like wires and loose clothing

Had to take this shot


This picture is bad

But I’m doing something good

Just keeping it real


Thank you for your time

Have a lovely day or night

Wherever you are.


9 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Your Dream Reader

  1. Oh crud…I just realized I messed up. The first verse on the last line there are not enough syllables. You all are so kind not to point out that mistake. I am going to edit and fix it. Thanks 😉


    • Yep…that’s where I was. They said it would be like staying in a hotel room..they lied..hahaha! I got an hour or two, woke up freezing and when they said I could go after a shower if I wanted, I told them I’d shower at home and got the heck outta there. Totally inaccurate test for sleeping if me sleeping was what they based their data on.
      Thanks Joanne 🙂


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