A Final Diagnosis

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(that’s a big thank you) to my blogging friends that offered words of support in my last post.  You guys really touched my heart and lifted my spirits.  It was a comfort to know I’m not going through this alone.

I had a doc appointment today to discuss all the issues that caused me to become so upset.  I met with a patient advocate and also went into a healing hands room for laying on of hands and prayer.  I was stoked to find someone offering this treatment, licensed and able to help me at my doc’s office. Yay me   🙂    I must say despite all the doc had to say, I know my God in heaven has a plan and he’s going somewhere with this.  Things went rapidly for me today.    I went in and filled out some more paperwork so my case could be forwarded to a specialist that deals with Parkinson’s disease.  Yes, that is what the doc finally put her stamp on.  She read the findings of all the studies and her conclusion in her professional opinion is that I do indeed have medically documented neurological symptoms that lead her to believe I have Parkinson’s.  She prescribed Sinemet which I can’t start yet because the pharmacy needs to order it.

So…obviously…mixed emotions.  On the one hand I’m ecstatic that I finally have a diagnosis.  On the other hand, my diagnosis is an incurable disease.  The pain medication, if needed, will come in time depending on what the neurologist has to say.  For now we are starting with just the Sinemet and trying to see how well it does and exactly what it does for me.  She was compassionate and kind which was a nice response compared to the stone walling I had been experiencing.  We talked about possibly looking into a support group to help me better understand my diagnosis.  I feel validated.  I feel scared.  I feel teary and sad yet relived that I am no longer at war with some mystery illness.  Funny enough, it was the “useless sleep study” I didn’t want to go through and almost skipped that gave her the biggest clinical tool for diagnosis.  My Upper GI was helpful too.  It showed problems swallowing exactly as I had reported.  I’m joyous to be able to prove my pain and yet it lessens it none.

I will start catching up on my Blogging 101 assignments tomorrow.  I’m a few days behind but hopefully it wont be too difficult.

I hope you all have a great day or night, wherever you are.


12 thoughts on “A Final Diagnosis

  1. I’m both happy and sad to hear your diagnosis. As you said – happy that you finally have a diagnosis, sad that you have an incurable medical problem. Fortunately, there is a lot of support available to sufferers of Parkinson’s. Big hugs and best wishes.


  2. Hello Pixie, sorry to hear that your diagnosis is not a good one. As you say though, you now know why you have been suffering, and I hope that you will receive the care and support that you need.


    • It is good to know. I look forward to finding others with similar symptoms so maybe I can discover good coping skills for the more difficult complications. I am also looking for a dietitian to help me find relief through eating the right foods.

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  3. Hello Pixie,
    I am sorry to read about your diagnosis. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you are able to find some comfort in a support group and those in your life (including fellow bloggers.)
    God Bless You


      • Hey! If I have learned nothing else in this short time I’ve been blogging, it’s that there are a million blogs out there! Something for anyone. And you know what? If you can’t find it, you create it! You can be God’s tool to bring about a place of comfort and support for those with the same illness or even family members of those with the illness.


      • You are right about the variety of blogs out there. I’m not so sure I can manage the task of hosting a blog about it since it’s all so new to me. God does amazing things though and with Him anything is possible!

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      • I hear you. I don’t mean for you to feel overwhelmed. But, even as you share what you feel and go through gradually, it will help someone. Maybe no right away but, when someone puts specific words into a search engine, your information will be there.


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