“Fresh, Energized, and Rejuvenated”-The Daily Post Prompt

Hello  fellow students of Blogging 101 and All Others too  Everybody   😉

I have decided to skip a few things (in blogging 101) so that I can participate on the current challenges.  I did not skip visiting new blogs and commenting in places I’ve never commented before.  I’m just skipping posting about it.  I also have skipped rearranging my theme, side bar, widgets and about page as for now I am happy with the way they all look.  I fell behind last week after taking some time off for the mental flu (feel free to read what I blogged about in my time off).  Blogging 101 is getting a tad more involved than I can keep up with, without A LOT of focus, but I’m trying to keep in mind that this is for fun and I am allowed to work at my own pace.

Today’s assignment is to use a daily prompt seamlessly, tailor it to fit into my blogstyle, do I even have a blogstyle?

I’m really excited because the prompt was exactly the kind of message I need, Fresh, Energized and Rejuvenated thoughts.

Enlightening Lines (1280x831)

Things I do to create fresh thoughts

  • Go for a walk with my camera
  • Seek humor
  • Review images that are “inspirational”, “motivational”, or “positive”

Things I do to energize my thoughts

  • Stand in the shower while visualizing the water’s cleansing and replenishing properties.
  • Read My Bible and reflect on what jumps out at me
  • Chat with a friend

Things I do to rejuvenate my thoughts

  • Read journal entries or blog posts that I’ve previously enjoyed.
  • Meditate on my favorite Bible verses
  • Connect with like-minded people

Do you do any of these things too?

Do you have any other suggestions that work for you?

I’d love to hear from you, wherever you are.



7 thoughts on ““Fresh, Energized, and Rejuvenated”-The Daily Post Prompt

  1. My blog is such a pot pourrie which pretty much describes my life. It seems that each day holds something that inspires a blog, and I always hope for the wherewithal to write it.


  2. Hello Pixie,
    I agree that Blogging 101 can get a little overwhelming on top of all of our other responsibilities. This should be a positive experience so, if “skipping” some things is what you need to do, then, so be it.
    I also like to read my Bible to rejuvenate my thoughts and it helps to give me direction when I am somehow feeling stuck. I also call my best friend or talk to my husband in order to energize me because they know how to make me laugh or just to pray with me when I need that.
    I also like to watch cartoons when I need to just let go of my bogged down thoughts and they help me to laugh which can help to “reset” me.



    • Cartoons are a great idea..I like the sitcom style shows on the Disney channel for the same reason…Laughter is amazing with all the things it can do for the body!
      Thanks for backing me up about skipping assignments..I’m learning a lot and meeting great people from the Blogging 101 course. Even if I have to skip a “class” or two, I’m glad I joined in the fun. Good to hear from you again Sam. 😉

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  3. Hello fellow srudent and blogger! I like that you’ve mentioned how you’re following the Blogging 101 tasks, sometimes I think I’m not keeping up or where I need to be.

    Movement is so good for clearing my mind and getting energy back, that’s why I love walks so much. And quiet time too, time for reflection, time to be still.



  4. Hello Pixie 101,

    I also agree that Blogging 101 can sometimes seem challenging given our day to day roles, however I am relishing the opportunity to do something fresh and exciting, as well as developing my personal blogging skills. I used to enjoy riding my bike through the park whilst listening to music, I found that rejuvenated me a lot. In recent years, I haven’t done that as much. Seeking humour is always a positive for me too.


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