A Time for Time

Hello friends and family,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted and visited.  I stepped away from blogging for a time so I could focus on my illness and finding the help I really need.  I saw a Neurologist at University Hospital that disagreed with my doc’s diagnosis and basically called her a quack, though my doc’s office failed to forward my medical file so he never saw one test result and had none of my medical history to review.  My doc and I decided he was the quack and she has now referred me to a different office for which I’m still waiting for an appointment from.  A short while after starting the Sinemet I began having problems with hypotension.  I had a few heart attack like events that caused me to worry about my heart health.  My doc cut my Sinemet dosage back and I have been doing better…except that a week ago I contracted strep and got sick as heck.  I received antibiotics a few days ago and am doing a little better now.

On a good note the Sinemet relieved my leg and walking problems and I have not lost my balance or fallen in over two months.  My limp has gone away and my pain is better as long as I don’t stop taking my meds.  The neurologist I saw told me that there was no medical benefit from the dose I was taking and that to test his opinion I should stop taking it and see what happens.  I did and for about a week I had no adverse reactions but at the end of the second week with no Sinemet my limp returned.  I talked with my doc who told me I needed to start taking it again.  It took two weeks but the symptoms subsided again…hmm, I think that test was conclusively in favor of my doc and not the Neurologist.  I was sure at the beginning of this that I had MS, that had been my suspicion for a long time.  I’m not ruling it out yet but the response I’ve had to the Sinemet is telling me my doc could be right, it could very well be Parkinson’s.  Anyway, now that I’ve briefed you on the medical side of my life….

I’m excited to get to all your blogs and see what everyone has been up to.  I’m bummed that I was unable to complete Blogging 101 but, honestly, it was getting difficult for me to keep up with the assignments.  I had some problems with my computer that led to it crashing so I was off-line for a time but thanks to great friends in the tech world I was able to score a new computer and get it up and running with little hassle.  Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to load my photography software yet so my pictures and my photo blog are still on hold.   😦

I’m coming to visit you now…wherever you are   😉

See you soon and thanks for understanding my absence,

The Peridot Pixie


11 thoughts on “A Time for Time

  1. So glad to hear you are back and hope everything is well on your side. Thanks for stopping by! It had been awhile since I had seen you around but now I know. I really do hope you feel so much better and I can’t wait to see your photos in the future 😃


    • You are so kind, thank you. It feels strange to have been gone so long…not usual for me, if I’m gone that long I usually do not return but it felt important to me to stick with these two blogs and not “run”. I’m learning here and I feel safe here and I’m happy here…why leave? I too am anxious to get my photos back online…soon, very soon. Thanks Lrod, it’s so sweet of you to say hello. It made me feel good. Talk to you again soon 😉

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      • When I first joined WP I didn’t think much of it, it was more like “we’ll see what happens.” But now that I’ve met so many great people it has made me stayed and I love it! There is so much love and appreciation from everyone it is so awesome! I’m glad I made you feel good and I surely do hope we keep in touch. *hugs* xoxo 🙂


      • I Love WordPress and blogging. I’m just still trying to find balance and create healthy boundaries for myself in terms of sharing my life and personal thoughts with the rest of the world. The community is wonderful and I’m so thankful to be a part of things here. ((hugs)) back 😉

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  2. Hi, I have Parkinson’s. What are some of your symptom? I also, take Sinemet along with other meds and what you described is the same thing I have,,.walking problems, off balance, pain, my toes want to curl under when I walk. But when I’m on my meds, I’m so much better. Now I have one symptom you can’t miss, tremor in my right hand. Your note got me curious, I thought you were describing me.


    • Hi JC ! Nice to meet you. Thanks for connecting with me and reaching out 😉
      I’ve had an amazing result from taking the Sinemet, with no recurrence of symptoms, as long as (like you said) I take the med. I had so many problems with standing and walking, speach and thought processes were a bit jumbled too. Yes…LOTS of pain, esp. in my lower back and down my right leg. I had random jerking while in a relaxed state, like one time I was playing Majong on the computer and I went to click on a tile, my hand jerked the mouse off the mousepad and I ended up clicking on the ad bar redirecting me to a sponsor’s website. Grrr, frustrating to say the least. I think the worst symptom was that when I would stay in one position for even just a few min it was very difficult to change positions, especially when going from sitting to getting up and walking, consequently that was the time I was in the biggest danger of falling flat on my face…a wonder I never broke my wrist catching myself in mid fall.
      Dose your hand tremor come and go or is it a constant? Have you found what they say about daily exercise being helpful, helpful?…I’m sure I’ve talked your ear off now…thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I hope you visit again.


      • Hi, good to know you’re doing better! I have what is called a relaxed tremor. When my hand is at rest, it shakes continuously. When I’m holding something or working with my hands, it doesn’t. That could change as I get older and the disease progresses more. The exercise is a must. I walk about 3 to 4 miles a day. It relaxes me and then I can concentrate on any project I’m working on… the kind of concentration where you forget about time. And I’ve never been that type of person, but I am now! Take care and I’m sure we’ll chat again. If you have any questions, just send me a line! JC

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    • Thanks Amy! Glad to be back, and I’m thankful to see that there is a level of understanding for needing the time off. Thank you for stopping in welcome me back. See ya’ round the sphere 😉

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