“Fresh, Energized, and Rejuvenated”-The Daily Post Prompt

Hello  fellow students of Blogging 101 and All Others too  Everybody   😉

I have decided to skip a few things (in blogging 101) so that I can participate on the current challenges.  I did not skip visiting new blogs and commenting in places I’ve never commented before.  I’m just skipping posting about it.  I also have skipped rearranging my theme, side bar, widgets and about page as for now I am happy with the way they all look.  I fell behind last week after taking some time off for the mental flu (feel free to read what I blogged about in my time off).  Blogging 101 is getting a tad more involved than I can keep up with, without A LOT of focus, but I’m trying to keep in mind that this is for fun and I am allowed to work at my own pace.

Today’s assignment is to use a daily prompt seamlessly, tailor it to fit into my blogstyle, do I even have a blogstyle?

I’m really excited because the prompt was exactly the kind of message I need, Fresh, Energized and Rejuvenated thoughts.

Enlightening Lines (1280x831)

Things I do to create fresh thoughts

  • Go for a walk with my camera
  • Seek humor
  • Review images that are “inspirational”, “motivational”, or “positive”

Things I do to energize my thoughts

  • Stand in the shower while visualizing the water’s cleansing and replenishing properties.
  • Read My Bible and reflect on what jumps out at me
  • Chat with a friend

Things I do to rejuvenate my thoughts

  • Read journal entries or blog posts that I’ve previously enjoyed.
  • Meditate on my favorite Bible verses
  • Connect with like-minded people

Do you do any of these things too?

Do you have any other suggestions that work for you?

I’d love to hear from you, wherever you are.