Enter The Spring


Happy Spring Everybody

This is my latest creation with my new trial download of Corel’s Paintshop Pro X7…I’ve got 25 days left.

Robin Williams Quote

There is new growth in the air.  I can smell it wafting through the fields.  I see the sunbeams lingering on the treetops in the late afternoon breeze.  This week brought warm temps and lovely blue skies with big crisp clouds.  You know, the kind that get thousands of feet tall to signal that thunderstorms are now on their way.  I love this time of year.  What do you think about tornadoes?  Are you ready for the newness of spring?  Got big cleaning projects you’re excited about?

I’m feeling healthier these days.  The SMALL Sinemet dose is making a world of difference.  I’m taking to heart the advice I’ve been given.  I have been pushing myself to mix things up and start getting more exercise.  Trying to eat better and deciding my new physical aversions to gluten is something important to be paid attention to.  I went for a great walk with some friends this week.  I’ll post pics of that soon.

This 2015 is, for me, about trying new things and making vital lifestyle changes.  I am considering which online courses to take and where to earn my degree so I can actually be hired by a press source.  For now, my goal is to be able to apply for a job with the local newspaper that published my donated fire shots at the end of last summer.   In order to apply I need a degree, so, I’m probing what it will take to make that happen.

I’ve also been playing with new editing software that I’ve been raving about on my other blog.  I’ve got a book I’m ready to attempt to publish, keep an eye out for more on that.  Hint:  It’s a coloring book.   🙂  Things are changing…Spring is here.

Enjoy the new stirrings of a fresh season, wherever you are.