The Windows-Photo101

I really enjoyed this challenge.  I looked out the window by my desk this morning to see the trees lit like fire with the rising sunlight.  It took me less than two minutes to get my camera, my shoes and put on my robe.  I hastily threw open the door.  The frosty air blasted me like pelting sand in a wind storm.  I stepped out into the cold only to see the burning light gone, changed, muted into soft pinks and light blues…I had missed it.  I ran to my bedroom window because it faces east and snapped off the last bits of morning glow.

Taking this through the window gave the rays of light a softer hue.

Taking this through the window gave the rays of light a softer hue.

Pulling back a bit, the close edge of the window frame gave the photograph an antiqued feel, as if looking at a picture from long ago.

I did not like the effect I got trying to include the window frame in the shot.  I was still too close and I didn’t have time to line it up correctly.

I went back through my archives and found some more “window” pictures that I’ve taken recently.  I hope you like them too.

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I have a big day ahead of me today.  My Sons are coming in for a visit so I need to go tidy up the house a bit and get my famous spaghetti dinner under way so I can feed them before they make the drive back.  I hope you have a wonderful night or day…wherever you are. 😉

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